With over 30 years of experience and the wide range of specialist services that we provide, Ace of Suedes serve 100’s of dry cleaners, retailers and private clients throughout London and nationwide on a daily basis.

We offer a free collection and delivery service throughout London. Our business is solely set up to detail, clean and finish leather, suede, fur and other specialist items such as sheepskins, waxed jackets, “F” clean only items, beaded garments, evening wear, wedding dresses, handbags, shoes, boots, rugs, curtains and many more.

From standard high street labels, to luxury branded garments worth thousands of pounds – we can help. In addition to our cleaning and finishing services, we also offer specialist repairs and alterations of suede, leathers and furs.

Thanks to our custom built production facility in London and highly skilled team of staff with decades of experience in this specialist field, it’s no wonder that almost every dry-cleaner and specialist in the country knows the name – Ace.