Thanks to our delicate cleaning processes and large cleaning facilities, we are able to undertake the safe and professional cleaning for all types and sizes of rubber lined, blackout lined or thermal lined / interlined curtains.

On-Site Curtain Services Also Available

Ace of Suedes can also provide professional on-site services for all types of curtains and window dressings. All items are removed and placed into bags prior to removal from your premises by a specialist operative. The items are then brought back to our facilities for dry cleaning, processed and brought back to your premises to be re-hung by an experienced operative.

Ace of Suedes are exclusively recommended by 1000’s of dry cleaners, retailers, designers and private clients across the country.

Free collection and delivery available (subject to location).

Nationwide postal service also available. Click here for further information.


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Terms :

  • As a responsible specialist cleaner, we would like to bring the following to your attention.
  • Curtains, pelmets and blinds may sometimes have inherent defects that are not always apparent before cleaning.
  • In addition to the effects of normal wear, some may also have weak areas caused by sunlight damage or exposure to moisture – In particular on the linings.
  • This can sometimes cause the materials to tear during the cleaning process or become tender, stiff or brittle following cleaning.
  • Blackout / rubber linings may become damaged in cleaning or lose shape / texture.
    Some stubborn stains may not be completely removable.
  • Colour uniformity cannot always be guaranteed with some fabrics.
  • Despite our best efforts some curtains, pelmets and blinds may be subject to loss of shape and / or shrinkage following cleaning.
  • As a specialist cleaner, we have a number of processes available to reduce all of the above risks, but there are still some occasions where the above cannot be avoided.