For obvious reasons, we can’t give too much away!
Our processes have been perfected over decades and are in accordance with the British standard – BS 7269-1:1991 – as recommended by The Dry Cleaning Technology Centre for the treatment of garments consisting of leather, suede or fur.

Each item is meticulously inspected upon arrival. This booking in process involves taking a detailed description of each item, along with full HD photos highlighting the condition of each item prior to cleaning and treatment. Any delicate zips, buttons, buckles etc are protected (or even removed and reattached where necessary) prior to treatment to reduce the risk of damage.

If our experienced staff identify any obvious risks involved with the treatment of an item, we make contact with our customers to make sure they understand the risks, and more importantly – have explained the risks to their customers.

From treatment before cleaning, to re-oiling during cleaning and finally brushing and finishing after cleaning – our skilled and experienced staff, together with the most delicate and suitable processes available, produce outstanding results time after time.

This is no doubt why we have so many happy customers, many of which have been using our specialist services for decades.

Please Note: We recommend the use of our consent forms for any items that are sent to us for treatment. These consent forms help manage expectations and highlight all possible risks associated with the cleaning and treatment of leather, suede, fur and specialist items. Click here to download a copy of our consent form.