Our business is solely set up to detail, clean and finish leather, suede, fur and other specialist items :

  • All types of leather, suede and fur items
  • Sheepskins, hides and exotic furs
  • Waxed jackets, coats, waistcoats and hoods
  • “F” Clean only items
  • Garments with leather, suede or fur trim
  • Delicate household items
  • Beaded garments
  • Evening wear
  • Wedding dresses
  • Leather, suede or sheepskin shoes, boots and bags
  • Curtains and voiles
  • All types of rugs and tapestries

We also undertake Ozone Cleaning and Odour Removal. Learn more by clicking here.

Call us on 0208 981 3232 or 0208 884 2913 or Email: info@aceofsuedes.co.uk